About Convertor

What is Convertor.ge?

Convertor.ge – - is a website that connects the renters to real estate sellers for leasing or renting of real estate with a simple and innovative way.

The website was designed in purpose to make easier real estate (flat, commercial and office space, land) search process and make it more convenient and comfortable.


What is the idea of the project?

The idea of the project is simple and innovative. People should save energy in search of the desired product.

When before the information was less accessible, sales channels were not diverse and the borders were less open - people had to make great efforts to look for products. However, these issues are more or less resolved today and we have a wide range of offers.

Today the selection process of the best real estate products is harder than to find. It's enough to send a wish to Convertor.ge, and buyers will get the right and exact proposals to buy or hire real estate products.

Onilne Help

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