+What is Convertor.ge ?

Convertor.Ge is a web site that connects people who want to buy real estate with a simple way of dealing with developers and other real estate sellers.

+How to send a wish?

  • Think of your wish.
  • Write on the Wish Board the location of your desired house/apartment (or other real estate), desired space, price, and all the details that are important to you. Please consider that the space and price indicated in your wish should be close to reality.
+Where will companies send offers? ?

Offers will be sent to the e-mail address indicated when you submit your wish, or they will call on the phone. In case facebook they will contact to you trough messenger.

+What is the cost of service for the wish sender?

Our service is free of charge for wish senders.

+Where can I find the Website Terms of Use?

When you are going to send wish there you will mention “I Accept Web-site Terms of Use.” Click this sentence and you will see the page for Website Terms of Use.

+I am a physical person and I wonder how am I to get the wishes sent by customers I order to make an offer?

In the Site menu, select "Add Real Estate" and register. After that you will be able to get the wishes sent.

+I have a real estate company, how do I get the wishes sent by customers to make an offer?

Contact us number (+995) 599 110 320 

Onilne Help

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