How It Works?

1. Write on a “Wish board” about the house you want.


  • Real estate type
  • Real estate status
  • City
  • Region
  • Space
  • Price


2. Choose whether you want a mortgage loan

3. Specify: 
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number


4. Choose where you want to receive offers (on e-mail, Face-book or phone number)

5. Agree to the Website Terms of Use
6. Send a wish
7. Confirm the specified communication channel:  1)In case of email, please check whether you have a letter from the Converter. Please, confirm it by "Confirm" button;  2) In case of using a phone make a phone confirmation with the received SMS code;  3) In case of Face-book using you must log in with personal profile.
8. After sending your wish, you will receive offers on your communication channel.

Welcome to your new reality!

We wish you all your wishes come true!

Onilne Help

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